We very regularly receive patients of hair loss from abroad who come for transplant sessions with us. Most of our NRI clients visit from USA, UK, belgium, hongkong, Italy, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Africa, China and many more.

If you are visiting from abroad or coming to India for a short trip, following are few tips that may help you take decisions regarding your hair restoration session.

Steps to be followed for out station patient (Right from consultation to the day of surgery):

Whenever you decide to approach the clinic for your hair treatment, kindly follow the following steps:

Step 1

Contact us on our Whatsapp number +917567043636 or by email drraginighiya@gmail.com. Once you contact us, our staff will ask you to share pictures of your head region from five different direction which are front, top, back and both the sides.

Step 2

The pictures will be studied by Dr Ragini and we will get back to you if you need medicines or hair transplant. In case of hair transplant, we will inform you about the number of grafts required in your case for adequate coverage and if need be , to harvest from areas like the beard or chest, the approximate time which will be taken for the surgery, how much area would be covered with either options and what would be the approximate budget of the surgery. If you have any more questions to be answered, they can be communicated by Whatsapp.

Step 3

Once you have understood the procedure and your doubts are cleared and you want to fix up a surgery, you will be given a tentative date for the surgery. Once you agree with the tentative date, you need to deposit an amount of Rs.10,000 in our bank account (which will be communicated to you by our staff), so as to book and freeze that date for you.

Step 4

Your will receive regular communications from the clinic. In case you need to change the date of surgery, we request you the do the same as early as possible to avoid disappointments with the dates and to make the schedules better planned.

Step 5

Between one to two weeks before the scheduled date, you will receive a call for instructions to be followed for the preparation of the surgery. You will be instructed when you need to shave/trim the hair donor areas (if a body hair session is planned). You would also be given instructions on any medication which need to be taken before the surgery.

Step 6

The day before the surgery you will receive instructions regarding the medications to be taken, time of reporting for the surgery, preferable clothes to be put on and any doubt you have regarding the same shall be cleared. (shirts are more comfortable to put on after the surgery than t-shirts)

Step 7

On the day of surgery you have to come at the clinic. Our cooperative staff will guide you with the time and the place can be easily reached using Google Maps navigation. Once you reach, you would be consulting Dr Ragini. The consultation will consist of designing of your hairline and how much area we will be able to cover with the available grafts. You would be briefly explained the procedure once agian. Once discussion is done, you would be stated the approximate completion time so that you can arrange your return transport accordingly. You would then be guided to change your clothes and your blood shall be collected for few reports. Once you are ready, the procedure to make you look younger and fresh shall begin!