The single and most important factor in the success of hair transplant surgery is the training and credentials of the hair transplant surgeon you select. To achieve great results, you need a hair transplant specialist and not just a surgeon who does hair transplants occasionally. Our entire practice and academic life revolves around the art and science of hair restoration surgery. We have honed this skill over many years, traveled abroad and spent months in clinics all over the world to imbibe the worlds best techniques.

Dr Ragini Ghiya is a leading hair transplant surgeon dedicated to improving your quality of life through advanced FUE hair transplant techniques assisted by her aesthetic judgement borne out of years of experience and training. Dr Ragini Ghiya meticulously considers the diverse hair loss patterns as related to an individual's unique facial type and realizes that since no two individuals are made the same, she designs hairline separately depending upon the persons facial features and personal wishes.

Dr Ragini Ghiya is exclusively dedicated to hair transplant surgery. Her approach is unique since she offers 3 of his trademark procedures for hair transplant under one roof- Bio FUE, Speed FUE and Feathering technique in FUE. Dr Ragini Ghiya does not advocate FUT (strip) as a stand alone procedure since it can be detrimental to the patient's interests. There is no scientific rationale for use of FUT alone. Each technique has its own set of indications and no one technique can be used for all cases. Dr Ghiya discusses the pros and cons of each technique and allows the patient to make an informed decision. This ethical approach of Dr Ragini Ghiya has stood her in good stead and she is regarded as one of the pioneers of hair transplant surgery in Surat. With the large hair transplant laboratory equipped with state of the art FUE equipment, Siddharth Hair Transplant center today is known for cutting edge techniques and skills.

At your personal consultation, we will take you through the entire process and fully explain your treatment options to you. We at the Clinic use the latest technology including computerized imaging and hair scan to give you a better idea of how you can benefit from hair transplantation. Above all, Dr Ragini Ghiyaand her team want to make sure you feel informed and confident when you leave the office and ready to make a decision you're comfortable with. We encourage you to write down any questions that may occur to you. We will be pleased to answer them by phone, email or in person during a private consultation in our office during which we will evaluate your situation, consider your goals and describe a strategy individualized for you. Together, the staff at the center offer superb surgical proficiency in a dignified caring environment.

Our personal goal is to further fortify our stature among the very best and most respected centers for hair transplantation in the world.

We are a high-end clinic in India. Due to the type of clientele we cater to, only representative before and after pictures of our actual patients can be shown on our site.


Training of the Surgeon:

A good Hair transplant center should always have highly qualified & experienced Hair transplant surgeon who knows the hair in total and pays due respect while handling your delicate hair tissue. He/she should be updated with the latest knowledge in the field of Hair restoration.

Dr Ragini Ghiya has done fellowships and trainings specifically in the field of Hair Transplant abroad. Well worse with the setup there in Australia and USA, Dr Ragini has established similar kind of set up at Siddharth clinic to provides world class Hair Transplant facility in Surat under one roof. Being a young and dynamic lady, she runs the whole institute in a well orchestrated manner.


Hair Transplantation is the only method which will give you a natural, long-lasting, hair regrowth and is sure to raise your self-confidence levels to what they were before your hair started to fall. Dr Ragini Ghiya excels in this method of treatment. Meet Dr Ragini Ghiya to assess what is the best solution for your hair loss . Every person is a unique individual. We inherit genes from our parents that shape our physical selves. Yet, no matter how similar (or different) we may be in genetic heritage, each of us is a one-time-only human being with a deeply-sensed feeling of individuality.